About EIPM


The European Institute of Purchasing Management (EIPM) is to become the European Centre for Research, Networking, Education and Action training in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. Today through our different programmes we train and educate purchasing professionals worldwide in 9 different languages. At the same time we are contributing to creation of a real purchasing network through our conferences and round-tables and preparing the future of purchasing as a function and expertise through our research activities.

The EIPM is now making two valuable tools available to all companies: 

 A self-assessment tool to help you  evaluate your procurement organisation and its  processes against the Best Known Processes and Practices

 A brand new recognition programme, the EIPM Best Procurement Organisation Award 


 EIPM CPO Roundtable 

CPO, The Future is Bright! Get Ready! Two days of intense exchanges amongst CPOs...
7th & 8th June 2012 With a welcoming gathering on the evening of Wednesday the 6th of June at 19h30




Laurent Bourrut
Chief Purchasing Officer
Michelin Group

Testimonial from Laurent Bourrut                                                              

The Michelin Group Purchasing Department initially selected EIPM, the European Institute of Purchasing Management, to facilitate all training and development programs for its procurement employees based on EIPM’s ability to provide a highly personalized level of service to our company.

The Michelin Group has an established business partnership with the European Institute of Purchasing Management due to the fact that EIPM never compromises on the quality of their service. As we are a leader in a highly competitive industry, our training partner must understand and be able to ensure the Michelin Group's leadership in our industry.

EIPM has a team of trainers who are constantly looking at ways to add value to our business. They are highly professional, showing good understanding of our business issues, flexibility and the ability to react quickly.

Since our partnership with EIPM began, Michelin Group has seen a very positive impact on employee engagement and professionalism across the business. Our association with EIPM has resulted in positively shaping our organizational culture, as well as ensuring individual growth amongst our procurement team.

Over the past two years, more than 300 people from the Michelin Group Purchasing team worldwide were trained. Our teams at Michelin praise the training from the European Institute of Purchasing Management. Their attention to detail, guidance, influence and knowledge throughout the training process have been instrumental in fostering a culture committed to procurement excellence, significantly contributing to value creation for the Michelin Group.

We appreciate the valuable service that EIPM has provided over the past years, and I have no hesitation in recommending the European Institute of Purchasing Management to other businesses, especially businesses looking to achieve excellence in their employee development in Procurement.